Go2Girls assisted me with packing for my move to a new home. Perhaps even more importantly, they helped UNPACK and put away after I moved. I cannot say enough good things about these ladies. This is obviously a talent and a calling. They seemed to know intuitively where things needed to go and were one step ahead of me. Calling Go2Girls was the best stress-reduction I could have asked for during my move.
— Julia K. S.
It has been wonderful to work with you. You have been a HUGE help and I could not have gotten it done - or felt good about the process - had you not been there. Thank you!

PS You work with great people!
— Linda
My client AND her sister have been calling me today to tell what a fabulous job y’all are doing and how grateful they are for ME helping them! Thanks Mary for making me look so good! More importantly thank you for helping them through a tough life transition! Keep up the good work!
— LM
Thanks so much for all your help!! You make SUCH a huge difference not only do you get so much done always smart and efficient but you make me much more effective!!!! Again I love you!!!
— SK
I want to thank you for the wonderful unpacking and organizing help. What a surprise to come home and find things so well-organized and “in order”. This is truly your calling! Thanks again for making this move easier!
— Julia S.
When we go on a listing appointment and we discuss the steps necessary to get a home ready for market, two factors almost always come up: reduce the clutter and stage the home prior to coming to market. It rarely fails to happen when we mention clutter that our clients get that look in their eyes that says, “I knew this was coming, I’ve been putting it off for as long as I could, I just don’t have the time to take it all on.”

Not to worry! We have a new contact for you, her name is Mary Brooks Rice Seagroves and her firm, Go2Girls, specializes in the personal assistance business including de-cluttering, organizing, staging, and moving preparation- their list of services go on and on. We recommend the Go2Girls to many of our clients, friends and neighbors; their services aren’t just for those moving; any home that needs an extra set of hands is a candidate for their help.
— The Kennihan Team at Chapel Hill Realty Group
You were an absolute godsend to my aunt as she transitioned from her home to a retirement community. Helping her sale unneeded items and making her feel safe in the process was invaluable. For her to know items she loved now have new homes and will be taken care of helped her let go and move forward. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
— Sharon
Hi Mary! It was so much fun having you here and giving me a GREAT big boost to getting started on getting things straightened up—and throwing some things out. I keep peeking in the office closet. [I may have to go in there and sit for awhile. J]. Just wanted to let you know that I already have the additional boxes and I am now making labels. Exciting. You are great! Thanks so much.
— SH
Thank YOU very much for the excellent work and your kind thoughts. We will definitely keep in touch. Everything looks great!
We continue to enjoy the fruits of your labor every day!! My bedroom makes sense! Orchids only need some ice once a week!! Even Leo has glimpsed what his room SHOULD look like according to someone other than his nagging mother..
— NG